Own coffee

Coffee with your own label is the perfect fundraising product for school classes or sports teams. In addition, it is a great business gift that improves your company's brand image when the customer receives responsibly produced coffee from you. As a coffee shop owner, you can get more sales by selling coffee bags with your own coffee shop's label, and in addition, the coffee shop will become better known for your coffee when it stands out from the competition.

We will make you a customized coffee bag with your own label. We have plenty of different styles of coffee bags at our disposal. We have a wide selection of coffee qualities where you can find your favorite coffee. If you can't find a suitable one, the roaster can design a suitable blend for you.

  • Delivery time: it takes 2 weeks to deliver the coffees once the order has been confirmed and we have received the label file.
  • Coffee bags: we have different sizes, materials and colors, so you can choose the one that suits your business.
  • There are four options for label design:
  1. Our standard label template, on which you can change the text and put your logo
  2. We recommend you a graphic designer
  3. Your own graphic designer who delivers the label to us as a PDF file
  4. You order the labels ready for us

The minimum order quantity is 100 bags.

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