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Chirinos Region Coffees: Efrain and Eli

Pamela is originally from Peru, so it is no surprise that she knows where to find the best coffee that Peru has to offer. On one of her visits back to Peru she met with farmers to learn their stories and find the best coffee to bring to Helsinki to be locally roasted by us. Pamela found two farms in the Chirinos region. 

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MOSA MOKKA: Tapanila’s own coffee

The story of Mosa Mokka It was the year 2020 and with COVID restrictions life was anything but normal, all the Christmas activities, markets, and sales were canceled. Without the normal hustle and bustle of the holiday season, something new had to be brought to life to bring excitement to the season. In the Fallkulla allotment gardens on a Sunday morning in November 2020, coffee roaster Pamela was chatting with her friends Mizuho and Sayaka, and got the idea for a new coffee, celebrating their home district Tapanila. Tapanila’s own coffee would bring joy to homes with its wonderful aroma in this dark time.  About Tapanila  Located in northern Helsinki, Tapanila (or Mosabacka in Swedish) is like a "small village in...

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Tips for a good cup coffee

Coffee tips by Pamela Aranciaga Mauricio Use fresh roasted high quality specialty coffee. Heat the water to 92°C - 94°C. Rinse the filter with hot water. Use a scale to measure the ratio - 6.5g of coffee/dl water Prewet coffee grounds with water (2X weight of grounds) for 45s Brew by pouring water in a circle motion as two ~30s pours Swirl carefully the dripper to flatten the coffee bed Aim to finish brewing in 3 min or for darker roast 3.5 min Here are the equipment for brewing good coffee: DIGITAALINEN KAHVIVAAKA – Inka paahtimo FELLOW STAGG EKG SÄHKÖINEN VEDENKEITIN 0,9L – Inka paahtimo CAFEC SUODATINPAPERIT – Inka paahtimo CAFEC KAHVISUODATIN – Inka paahtimo HARIO V60 POUR OVER SUODATINSUPPILO...

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Taste of Helsinki

Are you ready to tour Helsinki through coffee? If yes, you’re in luck! Our line of Taste of Helsinki coffees include five different specialty coffees inspired by sites around Helsinki. Read on for more insight into the key Helsinki locations that inspired these coffees and how the coffee flavours depict them. 

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