MOSA MOKKA: Tapanila’s own coffee

The story of Mosa Mokka

It was the year 2020 and with COVID restrictions life was anything but normal, all the Christmas activities, markets, and sales were canceled. Without the normal hustle and bustle of the holiday season, something new had to be brought to life to bring excitement to the season. In the Fallkulla allotment gardens on a Sunday morning in November 2020, coffee roaster Pamela was chatting with her friends Mizuho and Sayaka, and got the idea for a new coffee, celebrating their home district Tapanila. Tapanila’s own coffee would bring joy to homes with its wonderful aroma in this dark time. 

About Tapanila 

Located in northern Helsinki, Tapanila (or Mosabacka in Swedish) is like a "small village in the city” and locals call it affectionately “Mosa”. Characterized by its community spirit and a relaxed atmosphere, Mosa has many old houses with mansard roofs and garden yards, giving the whole area a green and welcoming feel. It is this friendly area that inspired our Mosa Mokka coffee. 

We only had the romantic idea of creating a customise coffee for People of Tapanila, however the local people were the ones who created the concept of how Mosa Mokka label would look like. My friend Mizuho asked help from Tapanila-Mosabacka facebook group and our neighbors showed great excitement about the idea:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/tapanila/permalink/3648652278514279/ We so much appreciate all the help given by the "Mosalaiset." The result of how the Mosa Mokka coffee looks, is thanks to them and to the help of good friends around us. 

We enjoy living in Tapanila and love the feeling of living in a countryside and in a community. Small businesses from the area also seems to gather together, they are very friendly to cooperate with. For instance, I am a part of Tapanila palvelu who very actively organises events to engage with our locals. Currently during this Christmas season, it is happening the so called "Kivijälkäyrittäjiä tontuttaa" 3.12.2023 from 12-16 pm.  At Tapanila area our Mosa Mokka coffee can be found at Valona cafe (https://valona.fi/valona-shop-et-cafe/) and at Tapanila Kirppis (https://tapanilankirppis.fi/). Also Petit et cherie kahvi (https://petiteetcherie.fi/)

From Peru to Helsinki 

The coffee selected for Mosa Mokka is from Pamela's home country of Peru, coming from the Amazonas region. There, high in the Andes mountains, is El Palto where coffee is cultivated organically, the ripe coffee berries picked only by hand. We buy this coffee directly from the producer, which allows the farmer to be paid better and the transaction is transparent on both sides. 

Caring for the Environment 

Along with coffee, tropical fruits such as mango and papaya are also grown at El Palto, which is more environmentally friendly than just growing coffee in a large area. Environmental friendliness and supporting sustainable development are important values ​​for Inka Paahtimo. That is why this coffee is packaged in a biodegradable bag.