My name is Pamela and I am from Peru, the land of Incas, thus I named my company Inka Roastery. My family comes from the slopes of Andes where they were small farmers. Eventually we moved to Lima, since it was hard to earn living by farming, because we rarely got paid fairly.

I moved to Finland in 2014. I realized that it is difficult to find a job. Therefore, I decided to create my own job. Starting to work with coffee was an obvious decision, since I wanted to use my study background of food science and supporting farmers was important to me and clearly Finns love coffee. Before I started the company, I went back to Peru and worked as a volunteer worker in coffee farms. At the farm, I learnt a lot about the coffee, its cultivation and the people behind it. It was a privilege to hear each farmer's story, the challenges they face at harvest time and why coffee was really important to them. Peruvian farmers do not take anything for granted, they are hard workers, motivated and dedicated for producing quality coffee. Before planting, during and after harvest there is a ritual called Pachamama. The ritual is to show gratitude to our mother land for the delicious crops that offers us. I want to show the same gratitude to the coffee farmers, since I am honored to roast their coffee. I came back to Finland with so much inspiration and I started Inka roastery end of 2015 in Voikkaa. Six years later I relocated the roastery to Helsinki.

We started with focus on Peruvian coffees, but eventually expanded to other origins as well. Nowadays we have wide variety of coffees from all around the globe. Our coffees have a unique story behind them and we want to share their story to you transparently. Most of our coffees come from small farmers who focus on quality and taking care of an environment and their community through different projects.


Our mission is to change consumers' behavior that when they select coffee they think where the coffee is from, how sustainably it is produced, how fair farmers have been paid. We think that a good quality coffee is not enough, sustainable makes it even taste better.

As a foreign woman entrepreneurial, I feel proud what Inka Roastery has become to this day. Starting from zero and after two years of hard work winning espresso of the year at Helsinki coffee festival back in 2018 was a big milestone for me. Path to where Inka roastery is now has been challenging, but it was worth it, since it has helped me to grow as an entrepreneurial and make Inka Roastery stronger. 

We offer

  • Reliable information about farms and farmers
  • Wide variety of high quality and ethical coffees
  • Sustainable  biodegradable packaging
  • Fresh and delicious coffee
  • Helping hand to start using specialty coffee