Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes

We offer

  • Fresh and high-quality coffee
  • Coffee with own brand
  • Coffee utensils
  • New and used Coffee equipment


By offering INKA coffee, you stand out from other coffee shops and show how much you value quality ingredients. If you are just starting your coffee shop, you can find coffee equipment that fits your budget. We offer material to enhance sales and tell the story of your coffee. From us, you can get training in making coffee drinks and your own coffee drink menu, from which you can choose drinks for the cafe. By creating your own private label coffee, you also get a new product to sell and strengthen your brand.


After a fine meal, high-quality coffee guarantees that customers will have a good taste of the restaurant experience.


Treat your customers to delicious coffee at breakfast to complete a relaxing and luxurious hotel experience. Your customers will leave with a good taste in their mouths and come back the next time they want to treat themselves.

You can start the INKA HORECA coffee experience by organizing a tasting at your restaurant, where you can find your favorite coffee, or we can send a sample package. The coffee can always be the same coffee or it can vary from time to time. We can deliver automatically as a recurring order at a certain time interval, such as a month, or we deliver more coffee on order..

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