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Tips for a good cup coffee

Coffee tips by Pamela Aranciaga Mauricio Use fresh roasted high quality specialty coffee. Heat the water to 92°C - 94°C. Rinse the filter with hot water. Use a scale to measure the ratio - 6.5g of coffee/dl water Prewet coffee grounds with water (2X weight of grounds) for 45s Brew by pouring water in a circle motion as two ~30s pours Swirl carefully the dripper to flatten the coffee bed Aim to finish brewing in 3 min or for darker roast 3.5 min Here are the equipment for brewing good coffee: DIGITAALINEN KAHVIVAAKA – Inka paahtimo FELLOW STAGG EKG SÄHKÖINEN VEDENKEITIN 0,9L – Inka paahtimo CAFEC SUODATINPAPERIT – Inka paahtimo CAFEC KAHVISUODATIN – Inka paahtimo HARIO V60 POUR OVER SUODATINSUPPILO...

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Taste of Helsinki

Are you ready to tour Helsinki through coffee? If yes, you’re in luck! Our line of Taste of Helsinki coffees include five different specialty coffees inspired by sites around Helsinki. Read on for more insight into the key Helsinki locations that inspired these coffees and how the coffee flavours depict them. 

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Etiopia Hambela kardemumma

This coffee is very special to us, since we have never had coffee like this before. Ethiopian farmers from Hambela Bedessa felt adventurous enough to go out of their way and produce a lot that turned out to be quite spectacular. Cardamom was added when processing this washed coffee, and the result makes justice to its name: Ethiopia Hambela Cardamom. This Ethiopian coffee comes from Bedessa. The farms in this area are quite green, they have a lot of variations of vegetables, Ethiopian banana trees and pulse crops. The size of the farms varies between 0.5 - 3 ha owned by small family farms. The soil is a very fertile rich forest with red clay loamy. On average, there are...

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